Soul Secrets debuts at #1 on Amazon, #8 on Billboard Sales Chart

Did you get your copies of Soul Secrets?? I hope so.  Soul Secrets has already gotten lots of great feedback from listeners around the world!!

Here are some great chart results:

#1 Amazon Best Seller in Jazz Fusion and Smooth Jazz downloads

#6 on SmoothJazz.com Indie Chart
#8 on Billboard Contemporary Jazz Album Sales Chart

#10 on iTunes Jazz Album chart

#11 on Billboard Smooth Jazz Airplay Chart

Amazing CD!

By tjorgy on October 3, 2014Format: MP3 Music

Fantastic album by a fantastic (and extremely smooth) pianist.
I keep wondering when Gregg is gonna produce an album not quite as good as the last one, but he outdoes himself every time! This album is chock full of amazing rhythms/ melodies. We only see an album by Gregg every 2-3 years unlike lots of other artists, but his music is well worth the wait.
My fave tracks so far are Randy Heads Uptown and Rio Drive, but there's so many it's hard to choose. EVERYONE who's into uplifting, funky, smooth jazz played by impeccable musicians should listen to this CD.

like so many of Gregg's other works

By K. Godshall on October 9, 2014Format: Audio CD

An incredible collection of songs, once again, from Gregg Karukas. I'm not prone to rating things as 5 stars, but this CD, like so many of Gregg's other works, is exceptionally rewarding to listen to. His songs are fun and uplifting and the arrangements are lush and create a range of moods. Having an all-star collection of guest artists just enhances the overall experience.

There are few artists who I anxiously await their next project, but Gregg is one of them, and he never disappoints. Put in this CD, hit the open road, or share it over a quiet moment with that special someone, and you'll discover the magic of Gregg Karukas.

Such a fantastic album from Gregg Karukas

By emy abaya on October 9, 2014Format: MP3 Music

Such a fantastic album from Gregg Karukas. It was definitely worth the wait! His music never ceases to amaze me. A perfect blend of melodies - refreshing and yet so GK. My personal favorites "Only You", "Secret Smile" and a great tribute to Joe Sample in "Elegant Nights". For all those who like "smooth jazz", you will definitely love this album. Enjoy!

Magic spell

By Hiram Gomez Pardo HALL OF FAME on October 10, 2014Format: MP3 Music

Gregg Karukas'inspiration seems to be unlimited. He didn't record since 2009 (G.K.). He took himself five years to release this magnificent album, plenty of memorable twists of rhtyhm and best arrangements.

Despite of the fact three months are about to come, I dare to pronounce myself for this one among the ten best smooth jazz albums of this year. The others would be - to my mind - Tenacity (Paul Taylor), Fountain of youth (Rippingtons), Bliss (Cindy Bradley), Another long night (Brian Culbertson), Truth be told (Paul Brown), Dig it (DTTB), Influences( Nick Colionne), Lip service (Richard Elliot) and Wild heart (Mindi Abair).

Go for this one. You'll never be dissapointed. Be for sure.


This Gregg Karukas CD is AMAZING....ALL the way through!

By LoryG on October 8, 2014Format: MP3 Music

I have listened to this CD twice a day since I received it over a week ago. It is just that great! It's Smooth, it's Groove, it's slow jam, it's all GOOD! I've been patiently (okay, maybe impatiently) awaiting a follow-up to his GK CD and this was worth the wait. When I listened to "Only You" tonight while driving, I was just in heaven. No songs on this CD will disappoint.

Great smooth jazz from a great pianist

By G. Fietz on September 30, 2014Format: MP3 Music

Finally the new Gregg Karukas CD. Great smooth jazz from a great pianist!

Did it again!

By Mint2b on October 9, 2014Format: MP3 Music Verified Purchase

It has been pretty clear that when Gregg Karukas drops a new CD, it's going to be awesome. Soul Secrets is just that. I like the variety in the selections and the quality of the songs. There are NO fillers here! When it comes to smooth Jazz, Gregg is the man! His guest on this CD add maximum flavor to an already prepared delicacy. One of his best!

GK Reviews

I never write reviews, but I love Gregg Karukas style and feel the need to finally write about him and his latest cd. It is simply great. He keeps the same style as his prior cd Look UP.I love it and will keep listening for his music until I die. I just hope that people read this and support artist like Gregg so they can continue making good music for many years to come. Please if you are a smooth jazz fan, this is a must get!!

  Gregg does it again!, April 2, 2009

  I only have listened to this c.d a couple of times so far (just got it about 3 hours ago!) - and I'm so excited about it - I had to write a review. Honestly Gregg Karukas gets better and better with every c.d. If you enjoyed Looking Up, then you'll enjoy this just as much (or more) - I found a lot of the tracks to be of a similar style (which is just fine by me) - and it was great to hear Gregg play piano on so many tracks (I'm a bigger fan of piano sound than synth sound) - Anyhow - this album is super smooth and funky from the upbeat tunes to the slow sexy ones - buy it - you won't be disappointed!

 the best cd of the year thus far awesome, April 2, 2009



 Exciting and tasteful., April 5, 2009

There are eleven original tracks of mellow instrumental Jazz that are highly polished and accomplished.
It numbers a fantastic bunch of jazz guests such as Rick Braun, Paul Brown, Luis Conte, Russ Freeman, Jessy J., Pat Kelley, Michael O' Neil, Michael Paulo and Ricardo Silveira.
Subtle grooves give Gregg's fine piano solos a free and breezy feel. Highlights are the funkier "Manhattan" and the simmering "Napa Road".
Try also the shuffling Latin tinged tracks "Floating in Bahia" and "Jamba Samba".
This contemporary Smooth Jazz set will appeal not only to Smooth Jazz aficionados, but will also appeal to Soul fans as the slower cut - of which my favorite is the gorgeous "Souk Kisses".
Gregg Karukas is a class act and this will be one of the strongest Smooth Jazz album this year.
Gregg's warmth and charm along with a fabulous styling technique makes the listener feel immediately fulfilled while listening to these original compositions. I listen to it in my car. That's a 4 star recommendation right there! Have a pleasant listening.  You will not disappointed.

Write here...

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Smoothjazz.com Review 

One of the most superb keyboardists in Smooth Jazz has released one of our most favorite CDs of 2005, LOOKING UP. Karukas has always had a knack for kick ass melodies (it's okay to use that term in Smooth Jazz, we're not prudes). However, on this new release he is demonstrating a whole new level of mastery on his compositions. This new partnership with Trippin `n' Rhythm Records promises to take the format's favorite sideman out of the wings and place him at center stage. His new label mate is Paul Hardcastle ... You know what they say about birds of a feather? Gregg's LOOKING UP is definitely as tasty and musically interesting as the exceptional, new, chart topping, Hardcastle release. 

Special guests include Rick Braun, Ricardo Silveira, Peter White, Thom Rotella, and Richard Smith. The entire album is truly enjoyable from beginning to end, so while it's challenging to pick out stand out tracks to highlight, we'll try... The sizzling and smooth, "London Underground" is the first to come to mind. A hit for Smooth Jazz radio from coast to coast. Another gem is the latest radio single, "Show Me The Way," sure to be a big favorite with music enthusiasts this fall as well as the sensuous "Deep Into You," and something near and dear to my heart, the Caribbean influenced, "Lost In Negril" (yes please).  LOOKING UP is definitely in my Top 10 favorite Smooth Jazz releases in 2005 for it's fashionable and alluring listening experience. ~SANDY SHORE

 An inspired album filled of musical innovativeness!, June 14, 2006

Reviewer:Hiram Gomez Pardo (Valencia, Venezuela) -

Gregg Karukas' powerful creativeness seems to be unlimited. This album may be well considered by far- if not the Best Smooth Jazz Album of 2005-, at least one of the Three top Albums.

It possesses a lyrical richness, notorious spontaneity, fluidity, filled of new harmonies and suggestive sonorities. The supporting cast is simply enviable: Rick Braun, Ricardo Silveira, Peter White, Thom Rotella, Richard Smith, Michael O' Neill and Andy Suzuki conform a prestigious and winning team that complete the task with admirable efficiency.

If you are seeking for an integral album in all the sense of the word; here you have a splendid pretext to regale or self regale; inspired and enjoyable album that will reward you for ever.

Top-notch CD!

 fantastic I just think that this is the best that Gregg has given us so far. All of his CDS have been great, but "LOoking Up" has got to be the Himalays so far. Continue to keep them coming Gregg.
Submitted by leonard_dowdell in indianapolis, IN. USA

 The best of Karukas
A while back Gregg Karukas requested that fans attempt to provide a "Best of Gregg Karukas", however, there were too many great compositions. Looking Up has provided an example of the "Best of Gregg Karukas" without having to discriminate between all of his previous outstanding compositions!
Submitted by d daxx from djdax17 in Novi, Michigan

Gregg has done it again- a wonderful CD that is creative and hot. Every single track is great. He just keeps perfecting perfection.
Submitted by Maddie in Albuquerque, NM

 Looking Up is more than that
What an awesome CD for listening and relaxing and dancing with your love. All songs are just wonderful and what smooth jazz represents; favorites are Isabella and Deep Into You.
Submitted by SVoz in Boston, Ma

I have every Karukas disc and think that his latest has well been waiting for "AMAZING" SUPERB and more. And living here in the U.K. the service you get from CD UNIVERSE is certainly as good as this new Karukas release. If you love smooth grooves... get it NOW.


Year ascending order   Album Artist   Credit
1987   The Night Owl Gregg Karukas  
Artist, Composer, Engineer, Bass, Piano, Drum Programming, Synthesizer, Drums, Producer
Engineer, Producer, Arranger, Synthesizer Arrangements, Keyboards, Programming
  Listen Now! Painting The Music Andrea Razzauti   Synthesizer Vibes
    Smooth Jazz: Colorado Style, Vol. 2 Various Artists   Performer
1984   Somebody's Watching Me Rockwell   Keyboards, Synthesizer
1987 Listen Now! Moonlighting The Rippingtons   Keyboards, Synthesizer solos
1987 Listen Now! Swing Street Barry Manilow   Synth Programming
1989 Listen Now! Breaking Through Phil Sheeran   Producer, Keyboards, Piano
1990 Listen Now! Soldiers on the Moon David Lasley   Keyboards
1991 Listen Now! Bird of Paradise Sally Harmon   Engineer
1991 Listen Now! Brava! Sally Harmon   Engineer
1991   Key Witness Gregg Karukas   Artist, Composer, Mixing, Producer, Engineer
1991   Snap, Classical, Pop!, Vol. 1 Sally Harmon   Engineer
1991   Sound of Emotion Gregg Karukas   Artist, Composer, Engineer, Bass, Piano, Drum Programming, Synthesizer, Drums, Producer
1991 Listen Now! Standing on Fishes Phil Sheeran   Engineer, Producer, Arranger, Synthesizer Arrangements, Keyboards, Programming
1992 Listen Now! Cozy Christmas Sally Harmon   Engineer
1992 Listen Now! Snap, Classical, Pop!, Vol. 2 Sally Harmon   Engineer
1992 Listen Now! Son of the Morning Star Original TV Soundtrack   Mixing, Engineer
1992 Listen Now! I'll Stand Up Pat Kelley   Organ, Keyboards
1992   Love Lives On Kenia   Arranger
1993 Listen Now! Home for the Holidays Gregg Karukas   Artist, Composer, Arranger, Piano, Producer, Keyboards
1993 Listen Now! Kicking Cans Dori Caymmi   Keyboards
1993 Listen Now! Romancing the Movies Sally Harmon   Engineer
1993 Listen Now! Summerhouse Gregg Karukas   Composer, Keyboards
1994 Listen Now! If Ever... Dori Caymmi   Latin American Rhythm
1994   In the Park Mike Gealer   Producer, Keyboards, Engineer
1995 Listen Now! Jazz � Go-Go [1995] Various Artists   Keyboards
1995 Listen Now! You'll Know It's Me Gregg Karukas   Synthesizer, Drums, Organ, Fender Rhodes, Percussion Programming, Programming, Bass, Arranger, Artist, Composer, Keyboards, Drum Programming, Piano, Producer
1995 Listen Now! Fahrenheit Sampler: The First 4 Seasons Various Artists   Performer
1995 Listen Now! Katabasis Circle of Souls   Engineer, Mixing
1995   It's a Good Thing Phil Sheeran   Strings, Piano, Keyboards, Engineer, Performer
1996 Listen Now! Fahrenheit Sampler: 1996 Taste Test Various Artists   Performer
1996 Listen Now! I'll Be Home for Christmas Phil Sheeran   Keyboards, Mixing, Arranger
1997 Listen Now! You Know That Feeling Brian Bromberg   Keyboards, Programming, Keyboard Programming
1997 Listen Now! Once in a Blue Universe Craig Chaquico   Piano, Synthesizer
1997 Listen Now! Songs of the Season Peter White   Piano, Keyboards, Programming, Soloist, Arranger, Synthesizer
1997 Listen Now! Best of the Rippingtons The Rippingtons   Keyboards
1998 Listen Now! Blue Touch Gregg Karukas   Artist, Composer, Producer, Arranger, Piano, Organ, Piano (Electric), Synthesizer, Drum Programming, Synthesizer Bass, Mixing, Bass, Keyboards, Bass Programming
1998 Listen Now! Orchid Phil Sheeran   Piano, Keyboards, Synthesizer, Drum Programming, Arranger, Mixing, Engineer, Producer
1998 Listen Now! Moonlight Dance Pat Kelley   Piano
1998 Listen Now! Wanting Gabriela Anders   Engineer, Keyboards, Arranger, Keyboard Programming
1998 Listen Now! Book of Flame Michael Manring   Engineer
1998 Listen Now! Perfect Moment Peter White   Keyboards, Synthesizer Bass, Arranger, Drum Programming
1998 Listen Now! For You Kirk Whalum   Drums, Keyboards, Fender Rhodes
1998   For You Kirk Whalum   Fender Rhodes, Keyboards, Drums
1999 Listen Now! Vineyard Jazz: Wine-Tasting Music Series Various Artists   Performer, Composer
1999 Listen Now! You Can't Go Back Arnold McCuller   Engineer, Mixing, Synthesizer
1999 Listen Now! One Special Moment Kim Waters   Keyboards, Programming, Engineer
2000 Listen Now! Panorama: The Best of Craig Chaquico Craig Chaquico   Synthesizer, Piano
2000 Listen Now! Smooth Jazz: The Originals, Vol. 1 Various Artists   Keyboards
2000   Smooth Jazz: The Originals, Vol. 1 Various Artists   Keyboards
2000 Listen Now! More Than You Know Scott Wilkie   Engineer
2000 Listen Now! Never Too Late Michael O'Neill   Drums, MIDI Programming, Mixing, Engineer, Keyboards, Producer
2000 Listen Now! Smooth Jazz #1's [Circuit City Exclusive] Various Artists   Keyboards, Strings
2000 Listen Now! Nightshift Gregg Karukas   Artist, Composer, Horn Arrangements, Arranger, Producer, Engineer, Bass, Mixing, Cover Art Concept, Piano (Electric)
2000 Listen Now! Smooth and Straight Various Artists   Drum Programming, Producer, Piano (Electric), Bass, Synthesizer, Piano
2000 Listen Now! Unconditional [Bonus Track] Kirk Whalum   Multi Instruments, Engineer, Arranger
2002 Listen Now! Finding Paradise David Lanz   Mixing, Percussion Programming, Organ, Keyboards, Arranger, Engineer, Producer, Drum Programming
2002 Listen Now! Steppin Across the U.S.A., Vol. 6 Various Artists   Performer
2002 Listen Now! Best Smooth Jazz Ever [GRP/Universal] Various Artists   Keyboards
2002   Best Smooth Jazz Ever [GRP/Universal] Various Artists   Keyboards
2002 Listen Now! Heatwave Gregg Karukas   Mixing, Engineer, Liner Notes, Horn Arrangements, Arranger, Cover Art Concept, Producer
2002   Heatwave Gregg Karukas   Composer, Cover Art Concept, Horn Arrangements, Mixing, Producer, Engineer, Liner Notes, Arranger
2002   Ultimate Butler Jonathan Butler   Producer, Composer
2002 Listen Now! Everything Must Change Michael Lington   Keyboards, Percussion, Producer, Moog Synthesizer, Engineer, Arranger, Strings, Soloist, Fender Rhodes
2002   Everything Must Change Michael Lington   Keyboards, Producer, Percussion, Engineer, Moog Synthesizer, Arranger, Soloist, Fender Rhodes, Strings, Composer
2003 Listen Now! Manana Willie & Lobo   Mixing
2003 Listen Now! N-Coded Music Presents, Vol. 3: Smooth Urban Keys Various Artists   Artist, Composer, Producer
2003 Listen Now! N-Coded Music Presents, Vol. 4: Smooth Jazz Greatest Hits Various Artists   Artist, Composer, Producer
2003 Listen Now! Esperanto Rick Braun   Engineer, Horn Engineer, Keyboards
2004 Listen Now! Free as a Bird Omar   Producer, Arranger, Overdub Engineer, Drum Programming, Audio Percussion Programming, Producer, Keyboards, Mixing
2004 Listen Now! Essential Jazz Collection [Encoded] Various Artists   Producer
2004 Listen Now! Good Life David Lanz   Drum Programming, Arranger, Horn Arrangements, Bass, Engineer, Producer, Keyboards, Mixing
2004   Good Life David Lanz   Horn Arrangements, Producer, Keyboards, Engineer, Arranger, Drum Programming, Bass, Mixing
2004 Listen Now! Caravan of Dreams/Perfect Moment/Glow Peter White   Synthesizer Bass, Arranger, Drum Programming, Keyboards
2005 Listen Now! Metro Blue Richard Elliot   Composer, Producer, Keyboards, Programming
2005   Metro Blue Richard Elliot   Keyboards
2005 Listen Now! Looking Up Gregg Karukas   Piano, Programming, Engineer, Mixing, Producer, Synthesizer, Keyboards, Audio Production, Composer
2006 Listen Now! 20th Anniversary The Rippingtons   Keyboards, Arranger, Piano
2006 Listen Now! Wave Music, Vol. 10 Various Artists   Composer
2007 Listen Now! Don't Get No Better Patrick Lamb   Keyboards, Composer, Programming, Arranger, Engineer, Producer
2007 Listen Now! Thousand Eyes Peter C. Barenbregge   Author
2007 Listen Now! Ultimate Kirk Whalum Kirk Whalum   Keyboards, Drums, Arranger
2007 Listen Now! Rare Request: Smooth Jazz, Vol. 5 Various Artists   Arranger, Producer, Composer
2007 Listen Now! RnR Rick Braun   Keyboards
2007 Listen Now! Secret Journey Omar Akram   Producer, Composer, Arranger, Piano, Keyboards, Engineer, Drum Programming, Percussion Programming, Mixing
2008 Listen Now! Greatest Hits of Smooth Jazz Boxset Various Artists   Arranger, Composer, Producer
2008 Listen Now! L.A. Chillharmonic L.A. Chillharmonic   Soloist, Piano
2009 Listen Now! GK Gregg Karukas   Synthesizer, Composer, Arranger, Wurlitzer, Organ, Percussion, Graphic Design, Producer, Piano, Bass, Drums, Mixing, Engineer
Year ascending order   Album Artist   Credit
2009 Listen Now! Foreign Xchange Paul Brown   Keyboards
2009 Listen Now! Smooth Jazz Number Ones [Concord] Various Artists   Strings, Keyboards
2009 Listen Now! True Love Jessy J   Arranger, Keyboards, Piano, Strings, Composer, Guitar (Bass), Bass
2009   True Love Jessy J   Guitar (Bass), Strings, Keyboards, Piano, Composer, Bass, Arranger
2009 Listen Now! Trippin' N' Rhythm: The Very Best of Christmas Various Artists   Fender Rhodes, Organ, Drum Programming, Keyboards, Bass Programming, Arranger
2010 Listen Now! Greatest Hits of Smooth Jaz, Vol. 2 Various Artists   Composer, Producer


2013 Daytime Dreamer Omar Akram Producer, Arranger, Drum Programming, Keyboards, Mixing, Percussion Programming,
2012 Can't Stop Now Vincent Ingala Composer, Featured Artist, Piano
2012 Echoes of Love Omar Akram Producer, Composer, Arranger, Piano, Keyboards, Engineer, Drum Programming, Percussion Programming, Mixing
2012 N-Coded Music: Jazz Party Boxset   Composer, Primary Artist, Producer
2012 Smooth Jazz Hits: For Lovers   Piano, Strings
2011 Hot Sauce Jessy J Keyboards, Strings
2011 Jazz Lounge   Primary Artist
2011 Smooth Jazz #1 Hits   Arranger, Keyboards