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by Gregg Karukas
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 Smoothjazz.com Review 

One of the most superb keyboardists in Smooth Jazz has released one of our most favorite CDs of 2005, LOOKING UP. Karukas has always had a knack for kick ass melodies (it's okay to use that term in Smooth Jazz, we're not prudes). However, on this new release he is demonstrating a whole new level of mastery on his compositions. This new partnership with Trippin `n' Rhythm Records promises to take the format's favorite sideman out of the wings and place him at center stage. His new label mate is Paul Hardcastle ... You know what they say about birds of a feather? Gregg's LOOKING UP is definitely as tasty and musically interesting as the exceptional, new, chart topping, Hardcastle release. 

Special guests include Rick Braun, Ricardo Silveira, Peter White, Thom Rotella, and Richard Smith. The entire album is truly enjoyable from beginning to end, so while it's challenging to pick out stand out tracks to highlight...  LOOKING UP is definitely in my Top 10 favorite Smooth Jazz releases in 2005 for it's fashionable and alluring listening experience. ~SANDY SHORE